How TSM Works


The Social Merchant connects your business and manages your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare - all the relevant social media sites that are directly related to your ability to attract and retain customers, combining all of your feeds, contacts, and customers on the Social Networks that you are set up on. Additionally, The Social Merchant improve your business with Search Engine Optimization by making sure your business and all of its pertinent information is correct across the critical search interfaces on the Internet - this includes location address, contact information, photos, hours of operation - the basic building blocks of where people can find you and your company's product or service. It is all part of the set up and ongoing maintenance.

Inform, Communicate, Educate, and Entertain
Current and Prospective Customers

Your customers can make or break your business. They can bring more people in the door, or they can keep them away. They can make you look like the best business in the world, or they can make you appear to be the worst. You bust your tail everyday to hopefully deliver a product or service that consumers will choose over your competition. You cannot let one complaining customer destroy your livelihood and jeopardize your business for you and your staff. Merchants today need to be responsive to consumer's needs and whether they are satisfied or they are not.

The Social Merchant keeps you in the loop with what your customers are saying about you. The Social Merchant makes it easy to respond to any negative feedback quickly, taking care of a consumer's concerns before negative comments spread throughout the social ether of the Internet.

TSM also lets you know with what customers are saying about your competitors as well. Gather intelligence - what your competitors are doing right, and what are they doing wrong. What offers are other merchants putting out to the world? The Social Merchant gathers information from complimentary businesses as well - maybe a joint promotion opportunity between locations and concepts. The Social Merchant makes collaboration possible with concise reporting and feedback to the merchant that uses the TSM interface.