Overview - Taking Care of Business

At the core of The Social Merchant suite is the concept of REWARDS and INCENTIVES. Consumers that care enough to comment on your business at the very least want some recognition.

These comments can come in the form of either complaints or compliments. The complainers may have a legitimate gripe about your business, and many times, we find, the complaints are justified and warrant attention. Who better to tell us how to run our business than our customers that are actually paying for the products or services we offer? These complaints may even help us run a better operation and improve our offering.

People that take the time out of their busy day to compliment us deserve notice as well. These people want attention from the merchant and many times form very strong bonds with brands, products, services even the owner of the business. The Social Merchant provides solutions to take care of both of these types of people in a seamless and smooth operation.

Coupon campaigns are a great way to entice consumers to purchase your product or service. The Social Merchant's Facebook offer application is a robust application that captures key demographic data on your customers and allows customers to spread your coupon in an unlimited viral stream across the Internet. This allows your best customers to receive exclusive offers because they are your best customers, and customers that are new to your operation may try you just because of this incentive you given to them. This offer application is bundled into The Social Merchant interface and is easily customized and controlled by you (redemption rules, quantities issued, terms of use, etc.)

Gift and loyalty cards are another fabulous way to communicate with consumers. The Social Merchant's stored value card application is another great way to reward your best customers, or make up for a shortfall by giving unsatisfied consumers something to make them want to try your business again. The magnetic stripe encoded cards can be customized to your operation's art specifications, or you can choose from a host of existing elegant card stock. These cards work in a myriad of countertop terminal based units or can work on your website for purchases. Again, seamless remote deployment, robust reporting, and custom capabilities make the stored value card module of The Social Merchant a powerful value in its own right.

Both of these options available with The Social Merchant provide you the ability to communicate one to one with consumers in more personal and expeditious manner.