Overview - What We Do

At the onset, The Social Merchant will act as a consultant to your business. We will assess your rank in the world according to the Internet and your various profiles, social media pages, and what your competition may be doing.

If you do not currently have any social interfaces, then we will set up your business on the most critical sites for you. If you do have some social media connections, we will review your content and enhance what you currently have as well as add to your offerings.

The Social Merchant will aggregate various accounts specific to your business into one convenient location - our TSM dashboard, which provides a single location for monitoring, communicating, and responding to customer activity, in addition to creating and administering contests and offers. TSM also gives you simple, easy to understand reports customized to your business needs.

The Social Merchant provides you the flexibility to set up hierarchies for administrative control and access for key managers or employees. The Enterprise version is available for merchants with multiple operations that require unique accessibility.

For those merchants that desire a more in depth business analysis, our team of consultants are more than happy to work through our program of tailored business analysis specifically addressing additional solutions for your business that are outside the core scope of The Social Merchant.