Who We Are

The Social Merchant team is made up of IT professionals that have been performing merchant and consumer centric processing together since 1997. The organization began with gift and loyalty applications, website creation and hosting, added consumer debit card issuance, mail fulfillment with custom printing, and finally bank back office processing with ACH and Check processing. The company has divisions that also manage sales and marketing companies commission payments and payroll processing.

The specific Social Merchant product is an amalgamation of all of these processes and experiences while addressing a need as presented to the group from merchant clients around the country. In essence, our merchant locations looked to us to provide a way to clear through all the clutter of social media on the Internet and provide a concise method of reaching consumers one on one using the most robust social media outlets available.

Our years of intense coding and user interface experience have provided our company the opportunity to present to our subscribers an easy way to monitor the pulse of a business using social media in a way that can be managed in under an hour a day. Our merchant locations were describing situations where they felt beholden to IT people or a younger office person that was street schooled in social media- that is, our merchants had high levels of anxiety relating to control of their business.

The Social Merchant provides the equivalent of a $35-45,000 dollar a year employee in your hands on your desktop. If you already have an employee that handles your website and the social aspect of your business, The Social Merchant interface will only make them more effective. The product was created for a range of businesses that have absolutely nothing relating to social media as well as more established businesses.

We believe The Social Merchant will usher in a new era of merchant facing management tools that utilize, in what we feel is, the best organizing and reporting package ever created for this very specific purpose. Everything in The Social Merchant was designed by our group dictated from a contingent of companies' large and small providing products and services for consumers and business.

We think you will enjoy the experience, and we always welcome your suggestions to make the product even better.